Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Project 3: What To Do With a 2x4?

For this Project we were assigned to take a 2x4x17" piece of wood, we could cut it as many times as we wanted as long as it created something visually appealing. Our only restraint was that we were not allowed to use and kind of glue/nails/etc. to hold it together.
I had trouble evolving an idea from just one plank of wood, I spent many hours in the wood shop experimenting by using the different machines. Finally I decided to create something similar to a window shade, I cut the plank in half long ways. Then using one of the halves, I cut that with the ban saw in many smaller planks no more than a quarter of an inch think so that they could fit evenly in slits which I  had cut in the other half at a fourty-five degree angle.

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