Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Project 2: Box for Twelve Twigs

This project reminded me of the last project in a way, leaves, twigs, next who knows branches maybe? Oh gosh I hope not, my basic processes when we were first given this project was "hmm, I have no idea what to do."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Successful Leaf

I drew this leaf on September 4th in my Introduction to Art History class.  I decided to draw this leaf because it was the most interesting of all the other leaves that I had collected. The interesting veins throughout this was the most stimulating to draw.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project 1: A Place for a Leaf

The process for designing 'a place for a leaf' was almost so broad that it could have left me stumped, except that when I was looking for leaves I found this beautiful magnolia leaf. Using the structural design that naturally comes with the organic chemistry of the magnolia leaf, I figured I would use a thick paper. Next was to design a place for a leaf, a place for a leaf without using any glue or tape or anything of that matter. I remember staring at my notebook before I realized that that was the answer, binding. Using the paper itself to bind one side to the other. A technique used for years by book makers, I cut the paper so it would loop through one side of the paper and out through the other, which gives the paper a cylingical shape. Working with this idea, I played with different ideas of where the leaf would go. First I figured displaying the leaf like a center piece looked compositionally ideal. But after the first critique and reexamining my design with Stowle, with the structure of the paper and the textural effect I had given it by lacing strips of paper to repeat the lacing pattern from the binding, the last place that the leaf obviously belonged was on the outside of the paper cylinder. The binding had left a sort of fringe on the inside of the cylinder which made a proper crease for the leaf to rest, only thing was the leaf was almost invisible standing up, like how I originally had it. Then like a stroke of genius, duh the figure does not have to stand up anymore, especially if the leaf is placed in the inside. Cropping off the straight edges of the cylinder so the angling of the structure created an interesting composition, left the ideal place for my leaf.